your exclusive Hawaii ATV adventure awaits

Take in more than 8,500 acres of lush, cool Hawaiian ranch lands beckoning with breathtaking views and calls to adventure on this exclusive Hawaii island experience. Explore the green pastures and rolling hills of Kahua Ranch on great ATVs!

This exclusive Big Island experience is truly unique and one of the best values on the island. Get some friends together or bring your family and make it part of one of your free afternoons.

Heading up the hill

Our ranch on Kohala Mountain is one of the most beautiful ranches on the Big Island. It covers 6 precipitation zones stretching from the rain forest at 3,500 feet to the ocean.

Kahua means the beginning, the source, the foundation and this is what our property has been built on.

During this Hawaiian ATV experience, you will ride the Ranch as the Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboys) do each day. From the Kehena rain forests to the Pohakuloa desert, Kahua is a place of contrast and beauty. Ride through its beautiful pastures filled with 1,500 - 2,00 head of cattle, 70 - 80 big bulls and over 400 ewes (mother sheep) on your way up the mountain.

If you're looking for a unique Hawaii experience for you and your guests, steeped in History, where the scenery is spectacular, and the thrill is exhilarating, this is the afternoon activity for you!

What To Know:

  • The minimum purchase of 6 riders is required to own this experience. If you commit to at least 6 people we close the event to you and your guests for that afternoon.
  • The maximum number of single ATV riders in your group can be up to 20. After making your online purchase, because we close your selected afternoon for you, you can add additional guests on site at the Hawaiian Eye activity desk (from Jan 19 - 25) up until the day of your experience. Or by texting us 808-870-7125 and requesting additional riders.  
  • Two additional 4-passenger mules, driven by a ranch guide, for up to 6 additional guests and children 8-15 years old are also available.  
  • Experience duration:  2-hours.  Initial orientation takes about 20-minutes.
  • Equipment:  Single ATV riders enjoy Kawasaki 300 & 360, Automatic ATV's.  Kawasaki 4x4 Mules driven by a guide for is available for passengers not wanting to ride their own ATV's and children 8-15 yrs. 
  • Clothing Recommendations: Bring a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt, comfortable clothing for movement and the weather, closed toed shoes are required (sneakers are ok).
  • A rental car is necessary for this ATV Tour
  • The drive time is approximately 60-minutes from the Hilton


  • $178.00 per person 
  • A minimum of 6 ATV riders is required for this exclusive experience.  Your group can have as many as 20 single ATV riders and 6 Mule passengers for a total number of 26 people.
  • Kawasaki Mule Passengers / Children 8 - 15 years old:  $95.00 each
  • ALL COSTS are inclusive of HI state tax and guide gratuities.

Exclusive Experience Cancellation Policy:

  • Exclusive experiences can be canceled up to 8-days prior to scheduled experience dates. A full refund, less a 15% cancelation fee will be provided. No refunds can be provided for any exclusive experiences 7-days or closer to a scheduled experience date.

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  • A minimum of 6 riders is required for this exclusive experience.

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