Kauai eco adventure helicopter tour

Approximately 50 - 55 minutes in duration

With over 70% of the island being inaccessible by land, Kauai is truly best seen from the sky. On this incredible helicopter tour of Kauai, you’ll experience views so beautiful they will take your breath away. Explore the stunning Manawaiopuna Falls, also known as “Jurassic Park” falls, wedged in between the emerald green mountaintop of the Hanapepe Valley.

Jurassic Falls

Fly over the amazing views of the Olokele Canyon and majestic Waimea Canyon, often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” where you’ll catch sight of dozens of cascading waterfalls. Then, Kauai’s magical North Shore reveals the sculpted green valleys and 3,000-foot sea cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, the pristine turquoise-blue waters of Hanalei Bay and the Princeville Resort area.

Waimea Canyon Helicopter Tour

Lastly, weather permitting, your pilot will fly you to Mt Wai’ale’ale, a dormant shield volcano with over 450 inches of rainfall each year, making it the second wettest places on earth. Here you’ll witness the most beautiful emerald green vegetation draped over the mist-covered mountain, with 3,000-foot cascading waterfalls filling each crevice—a truly awe-inspiring finish to your ECO Adventure over the Garden Isle.

What To Know...


  • A 50 - 55-minute helicopter tour
  • Eco-Star state-of-the-art aircraft
  • Tour narration by pilots who are State of Hawaii Certified Tour Guides.
  • Air-conditioned aircraft
  • Choreographed digital CD sound through Bose noise-canceling headsets

Special Instructions:

  • Each aircraft carries 6 passengers and a pilot.
  • Seating on each aircraft is computer-arranged by weight and balance.
  • We recommend wearing dark color clothing to reduce glare and sunglasses.  Tour routes may vary due to wind and weather conditions.
  • This tour flies from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm daily

Names and Body Weights:

  • Names and body weights of each guest are required.  Please provide this information for each passenger in the space provided below.

Comfort Seats:

  • Passengers weighing over 240-pounds require the purchase of an additional comfort seat at 50% of the retail rate (described below).


  • Children under 2 years of age may sit on a parent's lap.  However, children 2 years old and up require a full seat.  

Check-in and Depart:

  • Tours depart from the company's Lihue Airport Heliport
  • Check-in:  Tour check-in takes place 45-minutes prior to your scheduled flight time.


  • Guests must drive a rental car or take a taxi
  • Allow 30 - 45 minutes to drive to the Lihue Heliport

Cancellation Policy:

  • This tour maintains a 24-hour cancellation policy. Tours canceled 24-hours or more from a scheduled hotel departure time will be refunded in full less a 10% cancellation service fee.  No refunds will be provided for tours canceled inside 24-hours of scheduled tour times.  

To Reserve Your helicopter Tour...

  • Select your desired tour date
  • Select Morning or Afternoon below and we will schedule your tour and confirm the time with you. 
  • Provide the names and body weights of each passenger

Tour Costs:

$397.00  per person inclusive of tax

$585.00 per person needing an extra comfort seat (240 lbs +) inclusive of tax

Reserve Your Tour Below:

Kauai Eco Adventure Helicopter Tour
  Tuesday, September 26, 2023